Shipping & Chartering

At IRIV, we strive to cost effectively deliver dry cargo to our existing clients to provide better leverage into trading commodities world-wide. We offer integrated solutions to our customers by combining sea logistics with auxiliary services like transloading & barging for draft-restricted ports. ...Read More

Port Logistics

IRIV provides gateway logistics and third-party logistics services for inventory management, consolidation, storage support, documentation, warehousing and distribution services. Our cutting edge information technology platform lets you track your shipments in real-time. ...Read More

Shipment Documentation

With our vast experience in international commodity trade, IRIV ensures compliance with accurate documentation in international shipping and customs clearance, helping in reduction in unnecessary delays due to improper documentation. ...Read More

Trade Finance

IRIV offers a range of Trade Finance solutions to help you manage risks, negotiate credit terms to support commodity business and trade. We understand the importance of international Trade Finance in both reducing pressure on cashflow and in enhancing ability to trade globally. ...Read More

Risk Management

IRIV's risk management solutions help to cover risks right from source to end-user, handling all stages of the transaction which including but not limited to pre-sales analysis, deal finalisation, investment, credit risk, port logistics, storage and final payments. ...Read More

Credit Insurance

Our tie-up with major credit insurance companies across the globe provides for cost-effective, reliable and trustworthy credit insurance services fully customised to the needs of the situation. Our long experience with commodity trade enables us to find the ideal customized credit insurance solution. ...Read More